A Woman's Place is in the House, Senate, and on the Campaign

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Across the state and our country, women are running for elected office in higher numbers than ever before. More women in elected office translates into different priorities and ways of leading. It also means a more equitable legislative body which helps to create much needed institutional change, cultural change, and individual change. I understand why 2018 is being referred to as the "Year of the Woman," but the change we seek won't be addressed in a year's time. For that, we need to build the bench of future female candidates. 

According to She Should Run, one very important way to do that is to have women work on campaigns. When a woman works on a campaign she increases the likelihood of deciding to run herself. Campaign staff has long been a male dominated field. It's important that we engage women in the electoral process to demystify how it works and to give women the confidence to run future races and run themselves.

The "Year of the Woman" is an opportunity to elect more women into office and increase the number of women working on campaigns. That is why I am so proud to have an entirely female Campaign executive committee and staff. Just as women bring a much needed perspective to elected office, they are an important voice in campaign strategy and decision making. It is incumbent on each of us to raise women up and offer opportunities for growth and leadership. This way, we won't just have a year, we'll have equality. When women stand together, we are unstoppable.