Jillian Gilchrest Kicks Off Campaign For State Representative In The 18th District of West Hartford

A large crowd gathered on Sunday to support Jillian Gilchrest as she announced her run for State Representative in the 18th district of West Hartford. The seat is currently held by Andy Fleischmann, a democratic incumbent. It is unsure if he will seek re-election, but Gilchrest is prepared to primary.

Jillian told the crowd that she is running now because the state is in trouble and she wants to be part of the solution. “I recognize that our state’s problems didn’t happen overnight,” said Gilchrest, “they took years to develop. But the truth is, Andy Fleischman has been our representative since 1995 and has voted on every single budget since then. We need change!”

Jillian Gilchrest is best known for her advocacy on a number of social justice issues, including paid family & medical leave, access to reproductive healthcare, preventing gender based violence, sensible gun policies, and protecting public education. She holds a Masters of Social Work in Policy Practice from the University of Connecticut where she is currently adjunct faculty. She is the Director of Health Professional Outreach at the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence and a co-organizer with Women’s March Connecticut. She was elected to the West Hartford Board of Education in 2013.

“We need leaders who are forward thinking and will take action. We need fresh ideas, like tolls and payroll taxes to replace the state income tax. We need leaders who are prepared to make structural changes to the state budget. We need to help West Hartford's seniors by eliminating the tax on Social Security. We need leaders who are as passionate about social justice issues as we are. We need more women in office,” Jillian told the enthusiastic crowd.

Jillian was joined by many supporters seeking to be heard at the polls in 2018. She plans to participate in Connecticut’s Citizen’s Election Program. For more information on how to get involved or to contribute to the campaign, please visit jilliangilchrest.com