These priorities are not exhaustive. Jillian will meet with members of the West Hartford community, professionals, and leaders in their industry to discuss ways to keep Connecticut a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.

Fix Connecticut’s Economy

We need leaders who are fiscally responsible & forward thinking

  • Structural changes to the way Connecticut budgets
  • Equitable public education funding
  • Common sense revenue solutions, such as tolls
  • Tax reform, such as eliminating the tax on Social Security
  • Job creation that brings & keeps young people in Connecticut and rejuvenates our cities
  • Elimination of pensions for legislators

Lead On Social Justice Issues

Being a leader is more than voting on legislation

  • Move bills through the Legislature by engaging with and seeking input from stakeholders and legislators on both sides of the aisle
  • Champion issues of importance for West Hartford residents, including:
    • Paid Family & Medical Leave
      • Help West Hartford families care for their loved ones and maintain their economic security
      • Encourage small businesses to offer competitive benefits that support their staff and attract young people to seek employment with them
    • Public Education
      • More accessible before/after care options
      • Protect and invest in higher education
      • Contemporary education funding formula that meets the needs of West Hartford students, schools and community including an alternative proxy for measuring low-income students and reforms to special education funding
    • Prevention of Gender-Based Violence & Sexual Harassment
      • Alignment of Connecticut's definition of human trafficking with federal law
      • Consent-based reforms to sexual assault laws
      • Elimination of the statute of limitations for sexual assault cases
      • A clear process for reporting and investigating complaints of sexual harassment involving CT lawmakers
      • Educational programming for young women and men on healthy relationships, respect, and consent
    • Sensible Gun Policies
      • Regulate ghost guns, which are untraceable, ready-to-assemble guns available by mail
      • Advocate for federal policies, in favor of universal background checks and in opposition to conceal carry reciprocity
    • Accessible & Affordable Quality Healthcare
      • Defend Medicaid, Medicare and women’s health programs
      • Protect consumers by fighting rising prescription drug costs and ensuring everyone has affordable access to the medicines they need
      • Require Crisis Pregnancy Centers to accurately advertise their services
      • Support statewide efforts to halt new HIV infections
    • Adults with Disabilities
      • Invest in housing options for people with disabilities
      • Ensure stability in Department of Developmental Services funding for transition services and programming
    • Protecting Connecticut’s Environment
      • Support efforts to transition Connecticut to a clean energy economy, including solar and wind power
      • Protect water quality and quantity
      • Find safer alternatives to the chemicals in everyday products
      • Minimize single use of single use products
    • Affordable Housing & Homelessness
      • Support the creation of housing affordable to workers, families, young professionals, the elderly, the disabled and others
      • Support efforts to end chronic homelessness, youth homelessness, and to improve shelter diversion

Improve our Democracy

We need leaders who engage us in our democracy

  • Respond to Community Concerns
  • Elevate new voices within the Democratic party, particularly women and people of color.
  • Engage residents in the legislative process
    • The Connecticut General Assembly's public hearing process must be improved to allow for greater participation, including online sign-ups, testimony of state officials separate from the public, limiting lawmaker questions.
    • Public forums, house parties, and coffee meetings should be ongoing in order to share information and learn from residents to make strong policies that help Connecticut succeed.
  • Prioritize policies over politics
    • Enact four year terms with a two term limit for state legislators.
    • Hold Connecticut legislators accountable